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Free & easy to use unit converter with calculator functions. Conversions for 160 currencies and many units like volume, length, pressure, speed and area!

Mile (nautical) Mile Yard Foot Inch Kilometer Meter Centimeter Millimeter

Cubic Feet Gallon (Imperial) Gallon (US) Quart (US) Pint (US) Fluid Ounce (US) Cup Tablespoon Teaspoon Dram (US) Cubic Meter Liter

Knots Miles/Hour Miles/Minute Feet/Minute Feet/Second Kilometers/Hour Kilometers/Minute Meters/Second

Square Mile Square Yard Square Foot Square Inch Hectare Acre Square Kilometer Square Meter Square Centimeter Square Millimeter

Celsius Fahrenheit Kelvin

Short Ton (US) Pound (US) Ounce (US) Stone Long Ton (UK) Metric Ton Kilogram Gram

Pounds/Square Foot Pounds/Square Inch Atmospheres Bars Inches of Mercury Centimeters of Mercury Kilograms/Square Meter Pascals

Btus/Minute Foot-Pounds/Minute Foot-Pounds/Second Horsepower Kilowatts Watts

Years Weeks Days Hours Minutes Seconds Milliseconds Microseconds Nanoseconds

Btus Calories Ergs Foot-Pounds Joules Kilogram-Calories Kilogram-Meters Kilowatt-Hours Newton-Meters Watt-Hours

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Unify 1.2.0 Apk Download Unify.apk

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  • Current Version:1.2.0
  • Requires Android:2.2 and up
  • Category:Tools
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