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[Software] The Taobao Android client relying Taobao strong own advantages buy together cost-effective integration of its quality assurance Taobao Mall, Taobao mart product categories as a whole, to provide users with a more convenient and smooth, perfect anytime, anywhere mobile shopping experience; more search, parity, logistics, Order, security Alipay payment, collection evaluation, navigation, discount promotions, exclusive phone, cart combined payment. [Official Website]

【Official microblogging] Concerned about the Sina microblogging Taobao Android client ”

[Official group] Want group: 949 748 852
QQ group: 10213276
If you have a problem encountered in the course of, invited to leave your valuable suggestions.

Core functionality
Comparison shopping: anywhere in Gome, Suning, subway, multiple search by keyword, barcode, voice and two-dimensional code, dynamic parity 3 million yards library barcode scanning more convenient, so shopping is cheaper!
Convenience recharge: prepaid recharge, game cards recharge Q currency recharge, simple and convenient Alipay payment and fast security.
Taobao buy: affordable mass merchandise sale, enjoying the fun together cost-effective.
Discounts: Shop selling merchandise, Daily Specials single product, every day, surprise! More phone exclusive discounts, the same city shopping more favorable.
5. Logistics inquiries: Baby logistics updated in real time, so you tracking logistics status anywhere!
6 categories Browse: identify the target, fast direct; more lottery tickets, exclusive shopping channel. More provincial traffic of small plates and large plates HD browser.
Ali: client started directly Ali, support multiple sellers instant communication, no need to download and install Want client.
Share surprise: synchronization Sina microblogging @ friends name directly through pictures, text, 2D codes, SMS promotions to share with friends.
9, the safety net of share: to prevent the the unsafe input method interception password protect account security.

[Version update log
v3.4.5 version
Feature Enhancements:
[1] to optimize client network traffic and power consumption;
[2] fix a bug in the client is unable to enter some models the user exits;
[Thanks you accompany us through is not the same as 2012, the coming of 2013 will be more exciting, and I wish you all a Happy New Year and good luck!

v3.4.4 version
[1] lottery new “constant color”, winning the lottery high frequency high probability
【2】 ticket new special fares recommended that you travel at any time set sail
[3] repair part orders under single bug, lower death probability, a more stable version.
[Thanks you accompany us through not the same as the 2012, the approaching 2013 will be even more exciting, I wish you 2013 Happy!

v3.4.3 version (1212 version):
1212 is not the same as Amoy, December 3 -12 12 dispensers, to bring you a good voice, catching butterflies, more wonderful people in the vicinity, shop around.

New features:
1) new shops dimensional code sharing to Sina microblogging Friends sweep the for sharing shop.
2) Baby details of the purchase of the properties of the selected color, to support color map directly preview, no longer choose the wrong style color.
3) Baby details support the abolition of the attribute selection, reduce chose the wrong repeat the operation.

Feature Enhancements:
1) to repair part of the mobile phone can not access the “reading” Channel
2) together cost-effective to repair part of the mobile exception crash problem

Feature Enhancements:
1) Cancel Flights to fill the contact read permissions to
2) cancel wang letter installed to remind interference
3) repair such as Samsung and HTC models picture and photo loading too slow
4) Repair Ali cloud OS phone flash back crash problem
5) to repair some of the goods can not be purchased together cost-effective
New features:
1) to support Lynx double eleven cross-shop discount promotions and branding activities, they will not support people stepped group
2) cart discount to support the baby and shops merger orders
3) to optimize the the baby details of loading speed, support the Lynx Product Features service marks, and the new the Lynx appliance category support regional sales limit
4) support dual XI promoting activities, dual eleven studio nearby people are buying, grab red envelopes activities
5) Add Taobao ticket support ticket booking, ticket orders, special fares
6) New Taobao reading, directly probation search Amoy spend eBook purchase reading.
New features:
5 new visual experience, style is more concise, download packets lighter!
6, support the Amoy gold coins, Credits, VIP, Reward dozen promotions!
7 Baby Details revision, support the baby attributes larger image browsing,!
8 baby sharing easier, without logging Sina account, a key to share!
9, poly cost-effective new commodity classification, support enlarge switching mode!
10 new SMG football lottery center, 3D Lotto, chasing No.
Feature Enhancements:
5, optimized version upgrade download experience, no longer the second repeat update prompt!
6, “looking for deals” renamed “local life”, “Andrews Zone”, “day” has been off the assembly line.

V3.1.0 version update (released on April 18, 2012):
New features:
Intelligent judgment network situation savings flow 30%, up to nearly 50%, provincial traffic that save money!
Significantly enhance the picture quality HD WIFI case, large-screen mobile phone experience more significant!
3 new shop collection, not to miss favorite store!
4 new Taobao Application Center, download more free software!
Feature Enhancements:
Optimize Baby list picture display speed, smoother browsing!
2, repair some models hop browser to access the graphic details of bad experiences
3, repair logistics Tip network failure
4, repair, shipping address returns an error
5, repair to find the offer list of city positioning error
6 to repair poly-cost baby baby attributes (color, size, and other details do not show)
7 recovery password keyboard cursor display on the Android 4.0 system
8, solve some of the special models crash problem

The V3.0.2 version update content (February 22, 2012):
New features:
New Want a list of orders, activities page manually refresh function
2 new prompt notification settings automatically
3 new login password clear function
Feature Enhancements:
Repair search sales Sort Click unresponsive
2, repair together cost-effective for the first time into the part of the baby pictures can not be displayed
3, fix some Samsung models feature adaptation compatible
Enhance product stability, smoother browsing

The V3.0.1 version update content (January 18, 2012):
New features:
1, to enable visual icon of the new Taobao
2, a comprehensive support android4.0 system
Support software updates upgrade hide download
Feature Enhancements:
Significantly strengthen the stability of the product to solve the problem of the collapse of some models
2, optimization Home interface display location and access speed
3, repair the automatic generation of local image cache folder
4, repair receive text messages can not be returned to the client payment
5 to repair some of the goods classification fails to load

V3.0 version update (December 6):
A brand new home page provides a wealth of shopping guide content, more concise interface, the new drop-down refresh!
New Palace gridded navigation page one-touch access to Taobao application services, quick and easy!
3 new navigation bar “together cost-effective”, “Taobao Mall”, “Ali”, or so stunning slide experience, convenient shopping, convenient chat!
New Menu key exhaled a search box, search for the baby, shop at any time!
5 add new menu item “Browsing History”, “set”, inquiries baby with history more flexible switching parity!
Optimize search returns the logical loop back logic, to return to what you want!
7 Optimization “search history” more intuitive convenient history parity!
Voice search optimization, two-dimensional code scanning, bar code scanning combined into the search box, the choice of a variety of search methods!
9. Repair some causes crashes and suspended animation

Taobao 3.6.0 Taobao 3.6.0

  • Updated:
  • Current Version: 3.6.0
  • Requires Android: 1.6 and up
  • Category:Shopping
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