Microblogging HD 2.5.9

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Microblogging HD Apk 2.5.9 Download

Sina microblogging tablet based on Android platform client set to read, post, comment, forwarding, private letter, concerns as one of the main functions of the local pass and shoot camera, anywhere around nothing new to share with friends. Support for Traditional Chinese.

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What’s in this version:
Information flow more smooth sliding
Support Change font size
Private letter page can distinguish between unread marks
4. Supports display and modify Remarks name
5 Wifi network image loading success rate
6 support drop-down to refresh the display the number of unread messages
7. 7-inch flat-panel page optimization

Microblogging HD Apk 2.5.9 Download

  • Updated:
  • Current Version:2.5.8
  • Requires Android:3.0 and up
  • Category:Social
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