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Little Empire Apk 1.14.0 Download

Swamped in a mobile market overflowing with sloppy copies and poor imitations of blockbuster games? Come up for air with Little Empire—a true original, innovated from the ground up with the sole purpose of providing excellence in mobile gaming!
Little Empire was developed by an elite team, recognized by Google as “Top Developer”. In LE, you will play the part of a castle hero, leading your unique army against other players, enemy alliances, and the Adventure story mode. Increase your power and expand your realm to build an imperial legacy of your very own!

★Intro to LE★
In the unique fantasy world of Little Empire, you will play as a castle hero, challenging the Arena, Adventure mode, and other players to expand your domain and build an imperial legacy of your very own! Experience superb AI and PvP battles, engrossing hero training, rich unit formation tactics, and more one-of-a-kind competitive, simulation, and strategic gameplay features! Millions of players are already defending their castles. What are you waiting for?

★Game Features★
3 heroes and 12 unit types to combine and conquer!
Alliance battles for more blood-pumping competition and brain-straining strategy
Luxury casino cruise combines rivalry and leisure
10 Adventure chapters, 263 levels, infinite challenges
Strategy + PvP + Simulation gameplay elements
Fully 3D models, with a simple, intuitive control scheme
Pioneer skeletal animation technology

====Version 1.14 Update Content====
New Functions:
1.New function to reselect Fort or Castle hero;
2.New Break Down function added to Alchemy Lab, for breaking down equipment and hero skills;
3.New Hero Medal system added: upgrade your heroes’ stats by boosting medals with the materials extracted from breaking down equipment;
4.New “Upgrade Skills” function: strengthen your skills by upgrading them with the materials extracted from breaking down old skills;
5.New VIP feature;
6.New equipment trade-in feature;
7.New VIP Card, treasure chest, and Hit Gem items added to game store;
8.New God of Gamblers competitions added to the IIC.

1.Tutorial and task systems improved;
2.Save Formation slots increased to 5;
3.Messages now save contact info;
4.Units lost now reported in Arena Host battle report;
5.Finished units can be picked up anytime during the recruitment process;
6.Buildings and recruited units can be canceled during production;
7.Commander and Second-and-Command can message the whole alliance;
8.Fort and Castle heroes can be placed in the same formation;
9.Your hero can still participate in the Arena and Adventure while defending your castle;
10.Items shared between Fort and Castle;
11.Max friend limit raised;
12.Alliances can now be founded at level 20;
13. Houses can be upgraded to level 7;
14. Reduced recruitment time for some high-level units, as well as lowering the spar required to upgrade recruitment technology;
15. Raised some unit stats.

Little Empire Apk 1.14.0 Download Little Empire Apk 1.14.0 Download

  • Updated:
  • Current Version:1.14.0
  • Requires Android:2.2 and up
  • Category:Casual
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