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WP8 (LauncherWP8) desktop is a Windows Phone 8 style desktop software, you can add a variety of different sizes, different colors, a variety of different topics, such as a variety of styles porcelain block grid, customize your fully personalized start screen.
Main functions:
– You can add a variety of different size porcelain block grid;
– You can add a variety of different colors ceramic block grid;
– Can be set to a variety of different color theme;
– Support for save restore the theme function;
– Support to set the current background style;
– Support to set the current style of lock screen;
– Support multi-language, English language interface;
– Add support for desktop widgets to porcelain block;
– Support for free drag placing porcelain block grid;
– Support setting hidden does not show some of the program;
– Comes with a number of application icons and pictures;
– Comes with a special time module ceramic block grid;
– Comes with Windows Phone 8 style lock screen;


– Increase SMS notification bar can be set;
– Increase the percentage of power of the status bar;
– Increase set a lock screen password;
– Increase the vertical screen layout lock screen time;
– To increase the overall situation of the status bar displays the switch;
– Increased dynamic Gallery 1 * 1 porcelain block size;
– Increased edit porcelain block layout movement animation;
– Optimize the desktop Sliding fluency;
– Optimize dynamic gallery display effect;
– Optimization clouds animation in edit mode;
– Optimize the dynamic contacts animation algorithm;
– Repair the lock screen caller prompts the problem will not go away;
– The repair lock screen wallpaper drag up and down problem will be stuck;
– Fix desktop slide the ceiling card problem;
– Fix some models restart can not enter the desktop;
– Restore theme layout incomplete repair;
– The repair contacts porcelain block default icon;
– Fix off-screen will flash desktop;

Launcher WP8 Apk 1.2.7 Download Launcher WP8 Apk 1.2.7 Download

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