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Rilworld Apk

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The futuristic plot of Rilworld is originally revolved around three characters being stranded on a planet located in the frontiers of known space (a Rilworld), where their space liner crashed. The background plot of the game’s universe is that of a universe where faster-than-light travel and superluminal communication is so far impossible, thus making large galactic empires inherently unfeasible.
However, the game came with the addition, among others, of a scenario editor, allowing users to choose and modify different starting plots, with different numbers of characters, starting items and map effects available. However, these plots still revolve around a futuristic sci-fi universe with, characters being stranded on a planet located in the frontiers of known space.
Combat and psychology of the characters is detailed; every colonist has a different personality. During launch of a round of a game, the backstory, medical conditions and capabilities are randomly generated. If the player does not like one of their character’s attributes, they can keep generating new characters until they find a set of attributes they like. The initial starting characters can be renamed.
As time goes on, more colonists will join the colony. They can either join of their own free will, or they can be taken prisoner and talked into joining the colony.
The game ends when at least one colonist has escaped the planet on a spaceship, or when they are all dead. However, players are given the choice to continue to play, as it’s possible to wait for a wanderer to take residence in the ruins of the colony and continue the game.

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Rilworld – это нисходящая проектная и управляющая имитация видеоигры
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Rilworld 1.0 Apk

Rilworld Apk

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Rilworld 1.0 Apk

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